A-Word from the Director

It is with great humility and pleasure that I take this opportunity on behalf of all the beneficiaries at Noble Charity Homes-Kenya to thank the selfless benefactors who have immensely contributed to the achievement of our immeasurable goals.

It is indeed an honorable and generous gesture from public and private, individual and communal support that as an entity we have been able to reach out far and wide, the most under privileged members at both household and individual levels in the community.

We are grateful to the Kenyan Government for their continued support all through our work.

We extend our gratitude to the family of Jos and Tony Lawrence from the UK who selflessly have sacrificed a lot to support the organization since the year 2006.

We further extend our gratitude to “TKWL”, and individual donors who have generously committed their support in touching lives that had lost hope. Not to forget foreign partner and friend, Edinburg global Partnership

With the rising challenges, we kindly request for support to realize our goal of becoming an  organisation with decent humanitarian support structures to assist the less privileged and marginalised members of the Kenyan community.

Much being said, I take this special opportunity to welcome you to our website.

Sincerely yours,

Salina Omani


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