Strategic plan-Vision 2030


As an organization determined to support those most vulnerable and under privileged in the community, we still need numerous support from donor and well wishersWith regards to our five year strategic plan, we would like to request for funding to support the following activities;

Expansion of the Aquaculture project; this is one of the income avenues and support mechanism the organization has in place to allow generation of more funds as well as concurrently lend supporting hand to households under its care in a bid to alleviate poverty among these households and external dependency on financial and basic support. The project will run in three phases as outlined below;

  1. Phase one-construction of standard breeding hatchery, nursery ponds and acquisition of breeding stock. This phase has kicked off although its potential hasn’t been fully harnessed due to lack of more funds. An injection of more funds will foresee its timely pickup for the benefit of the under privileged community members. This project will cost an approximate amount of Kes 1.3 million shillings
  2. Phase two-construction of small-scale production feed mill unit and storage facility. This will ensure the success of third phase that will be highly dependent on availability of feeds and value addition plant and storage unit to reduce perishability losses and increase price value of products from our beneficiary farmers. This phase will cost an approximate amount in Kes 3.5 million shillings
  3. Phase three– dissemination phase. This phase will involve construction of ponds for household consumption. This will be modelled to benefit a larger number and will partly be managed by identified group leaders of our target beneficiaries and organization’s aquaculture expert to harness full potentiality of project. This will be modelled in sub-phases to allow time for obtaining of funds from already established phases for further expansion. But initial phase is at approximated cost of Kes 3 million. (Please not that the approximation costs regards inflation rates)

Infrastructure development for the old Age and people with disability section: this is another strategic development plan and the site plan and accurate estimations with regards to costs fully covered. This will allow the organization cater for more intensive cases at the organizational level reducing extra costs in labor, mobility time and health security of target beneficiaries. This project is at an estimated cost of Kes. 92,632,000/-

Construction of a perimeter wall fence: this move will assist in abating opportunistic insecurity issues such as petty theft, infringement of client privacies just to mention a few. In such a case the approximated cost is at Kes:3.5 million

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