Elderly widows and widowers support


This is Doris one of the elderly widows currently staying at Noble which also doubles as a rescue centre for both children and the elderly who are in deplorable living condition.

Elderly widows and widowers: Currently the organization cares for 165 elderly widows and widowers. The care is majorly achieved through home based care and support due to the lack of enough and proper respite amenities at the organization to support their upkeep at the organization. The elderly are a frail and sickly lot burdened with foster upkeep of their grandchildren and great grandchildren as result of losing their parents due to HIV/AIDs pandemic which is a wide spread scourge in Sub-Saharan Africa with Western region of Kenya not being an exception.

 This category of beneficiaries demand for both individual care, and household level support therefore need for more resources to sustain them. As an organization, supports accorded include, health care (both basic and intensive), provision of basic shelter, clothing, and food. But not limited to this we have embarked on small scale farming trainings especially small animal keeping to subsidise on direct dependency on external financial support.

Currently the organization has three elderly widows at the organization with the rest under home-based care.

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