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Noble Charity Homes for Destitutes (NCHD) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2006. Our focus is to reach the vulnerable groups including all children, poor women, youth, persons with disabilities (of whom more than 80% live in poverty), people living with HIV/AIDS, older persons, refugees and internally displaced persons” as well as “people living in areas affected by complex humanitarian emergencies e.g. flood and famine. This is to achieve Specific Sustainable Development goals, including those on poverty; on food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture; on education and learning opportunities; on water and sanitation and on health wellness.

Vision; To become a model organization implementing holistic and inclusive interventions for the vulnerable groups in Kenya.

Mission; To provide the necessary empowering opportunities and access to these opportunities by the vulnerable groups through holistic and inclusive development interventions that enable them cope with “Absolute deprivation” and “Relative disadvantage” for advancement of humanity.

Core values;

Respect for life; we listen, serve with kindness and always grateful.

Transparency; we are honest and open in all that we do.

Accountability; we are willing to take responsibility for our actions.

Where we are;

We are located in Kibos, Kisumu County, Kenya

Our Interventions

Our community based interventions are intended to reduce inequities, alleviate poverty, bridge the gender inequality gap, promote good health and wellbeing, achieve partnership for the goals and zero hunger sustainable development goals.

Built on the principle of “Leaving no one behind”, our interventions ensure holistic inclusion and mainstreaming in sustainable development, all the vulnerable groups through: providing information and skills training, enhancing access to support and resources, modifying access and barriers, monitoring and giving feedback, and advocacy for policy suitable frameworks for people with disabilities, the elderly, orphans and vulnerable children, poor women and girls, the youth and other vulnerable members of the community at large.

Our programs have successfully helped in alleviating poverty through sustainable development, increasing school enrollments of OVCs, increasing accessibility to support amenities for PWD, preventing and managing drug and other addiction among youths and adults, preventing dysfunction and promotion of wellbeing of the elderly.

NCHD interventions target most at risk population with an intention of creating a better future through incorporating new technologies and enhancing expertise in our operations. We accelerate innovations and promote effective solutions with a focus on food, financial, social and health security. The organization is managed by a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds. It has in its management team; agriculturalists, social scientists, medical officers, M&E specialist, Nutritionists and consultants.

Our Partners

Currently we have partnered with the following organizations but with a plan to increase our partnership and collaboration efforts.

To Kenya with Love

DANID Care Foundation

Kisumu County Government

Kenya Water Institute

Our Strategies

Home based care

Community based rehabilitation

Community Participatory Approach (Participatory Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation And Learning)

Community Economic Empowerment

Networking Partnership And Collaborations

Evidence Based Program Design

Our Projects

  1. Health Care Support
  2. Social Support
  3. Economic Empowerment
  4. Educational Support
  5. Legal Protection
  6. Community Empowerment Initiatives

Our Beneficiaries

The Elderly

Orphans And Vulnerable Children

People With Disabilities

Drug And Substance Abuse Victims

The Youth

7 Responses to About Us

  1. Sidney John says:

    We appreciate the good work of this unique organization and pray that all its work be blessed and supported. Keep up the noble work.

    • Jos Lawrance says:

      Hi Mr John.

      Glad you have responded to Noble Charity. I just wondered how much you know about the project as both Tony and I are the sponsors and we make regular visits to Kisumu. If you would like to email me my address is jocelyn_lawrance@hotmail.com

      I must ask Evans to correct my mail address as it’s missing a hyphen!

      Jos Lawrance

      • Jos Lawrance says:

        Hi Evans.

        Do pray that you havefully recovered now and are once again busy on the land at Noble. Can you just correct my email address – don’t forget the underscore between jocelyn and lawrance. jocelyn_lawrance@hotmail.com

        Be really goodto have an update from you on the crop situation.

        Love Jos.

  2. Joy Benson says:

    Noble Charity Homes For Destitute is surely an organization with a very unique mission which requires people out there to fully open up to their massive needs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My view as a visitor in Kisumu..

  3. Jos Lawrance and Tony Smith says:

    Hi there. Tony and I have been the original sponsors of Noble since 2008. So glad you have visited the site. Just wondering where you live, in UK. Be good to make contact. Jos Lawrance

  4. Aireen Defrates says:

    Thanks Benson. Feel free and you are welcome.

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